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Inner Alignment Method (I AM) teaches you to access your power to create a quality of life experience beyond your wildest dreams. It provides you with a bigger picture understanding of how we human beings work, and is a practical method of healing to the greatest depths, for increased unity with self, others, and all of life. It does this by engaging you in a process that is simple, yet infinitely advanced in its complexity.

Each of us can free ourselves from our personal obstacles and rise to a new level—a more meaningful and fulfilling life that is our birthright. In I AM Training, you fill in the missing pieces that left you feeling unfulfilled by developing an actual relationship with yourself. Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship—I AM Training in written form—is a simple road-map for the journey to the most empowering place you could ever reach—a place of profound relationship with yourself.

This course will guide you in discovering and filling in what has been missing for you–a direct connection and relationship with the source of the answers that lie within. It is for anyone interested in a path to a life they will love more and more every day. It’s for couples who want to increase intimacy and joy in their relationship. It’s for parents who want to guide their children to their potential, and ensure that they too continue to grow as individuals, which strengthens the family unit. It is even for business owners who want to maximize the effectiveness of their teams.

So for those of you who are new to personal growth, you’re in for a truly amazing, transformative adventure. For those of you who have been deeply engaged in personal growth and self-awareness, get ready for the gaps to be filled and your questions to be answered. You are about to take a quantum leap in your power to raise your quality of life from the inside out.


Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship by Ron Levy offers a way to progress in these uncertain times by encouraging a vision of an enriched state of living with practical ways of growing in that direction. Levy describes his Inner Alignment Method and gives explicit instructions for practicing simple exercises that lead to healing. In his gentle way, Levy encourages releasing old patterns and improving life by connecting with oneself lovingly, compassionately, and respectfully. Through real-life stories, he teaches how to reach out to others, while growing and building a solid internal relationship.

This authentic, warm, and loving book is valuable to me as a psychologist as it describes a useful therapeutic technique with excellent examples. It also offers an enhanced way of life through becoming comfortable with “not knowing.” Not knowing provides freedom from clinging to any one perspective or belief, and allows us to greet new ideas with interest and enthusiasm. I recommend this book highly for those seeking to enrich their lives.

Rie Rogers MitchellPh.D., A.B.P.P.
Professor Emeritus
California State University, Northridge
Past-President, International Society for Sandplay Therapy

Ron possesses the profound gift of spiritual insight and the keen skills of a highly seasoned therapist. His Inner Alignment Training provides the key to true healing and hope to all who have suffered the pain of living in the cloud of self-unknowing. His work leads those of us willing to take this journey to our primary identity and the truth of our being.

We are all magnificent creations of the Divine and Ron’s great pathway teaches us how to discover the hidden memories that limit our self-perceptions and prevent our understanding of and connection with who and what we are. This leads us to true self-awareness, healing, and living our true expression of the Divine. Well done, my dear brother, well done!

Elaine R. FergusonMD
Best Selling Author of Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
Author of Health and Transformation: New Frontiers in Medicine

The author dedicates his book to “the Infinite Child within us all.” For a spiritual theologian who has been trying for decades to rattle the cage of tired religious dogmas to get to what matters, I am delighted to hear not only of Ron Levy’s understanding of what a mature human being can be, but also of his practices that assist the birth of that “infinite Child” and that assist people, however deeply wounded, to heal themselves and bring that “Cosmic Christ” alive within them.

His language of the “True Adult” that we are all meant to be echoes the teaching that we are all mystics (lovers of life) and prophets (warriors of compassion who are to interfere with injustice and brokenness). It celebrates the “true self” that often lies hidden within us. His reminder that we are all children who constitute a community of Children (every mystic is a puer, puella or child in love with life) here to support one another is like the traditional teaching of the “communion of saints” who are, in his words, “making love with life.”

His call to live in a state of “not knowing” parallels the teachings of the via negativa as expressed by Meister Eckhart who champions the “transformed knowledge” of “unkowing” that discovers anew that “unborn self” in all of us that is yearning to be released and, once touched, brings about a real rebirth.

I celebrate this book and its author and the many people it will assist to heal and become whole and become their true selves, that is their mystical and compassionate selves again.

Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox
Author of 33 books including Original BlessingThe Coming of the Cosmic Christ, Stations of the Cosmic Christ, Meister Eckhart: A Mystic-Warrior For Our Times and A Way To God: Thomas Merton’s Creation Spirituality Journey.